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Event Outline

Nara Marathon 2019 Outline

Event Name
Nara Marathon 2019
Nara Marathon Organizing Committee
Nara Prefecture, Nara City, Tenri City and Nara Newspaper
Nara Athletics Association
Nara Prefecture Board of Education,Nara Sports Association, Community Sports Commissioners Nara
Nara City Fire Department, Nara Prefecture Regional Fire Service Association, Japanese Red Cross Society Nara Prefecture Office
Event Date & Time
Saturday December 7, 2019/ 14:15 3km Jog
Sunday December 8, 2019/ 9:00 Marathon (42.195km)
Sunday December 8, 2019/ 9:30 10km
Competition Capacity Time Limit Eligibility for International Runners Participation Fee Participation Prize
first-come first-served basis
6 Hours
w/ 9
closing points
Those who live outside of Japan and were born on or before April 1st 2001. 10,900 Yen T-Shirts
10km 4,000
first-come first-served basis
90 minutes
w/ 1
closing point
Those who live outside of Japan and were born between April 2nd, 2001 - April 1st, 2004 3,300 Yen
Those who live outside of Japan and were born on or before April 1st of 2001. 5,500 Yen
first-come first-served basis
45 minutes Those who live outside of Japan and are over 6 years old 1,500 yen Face Towel

Note 1: You will be charged an additional entry processing fee.
Note 2: Participation fee includes accident insurance. Coverage for accidents and sickness during the race includes only that which the event organiser has enrolled in.

The marathon course starts and finishes at Naraden Field (Nara City Konoike Athletics Stadium). The turn-around point is located in Tenri City. (The course is certified by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations and the AIMS)
The 10 km competition starts and finishes at Naraden Field (Nara City Konoike Athletics Stadium). The turn-around point is located in Nara City.
▼3km Jog
A specially set-up course at Naradenryoku Konoike Park (Konoike Sports Park).

In case of an emergency vehicle passing through the race course due to a fire, accident, injury or any other incident, the vehicles are given priority passage and all runners may be requested to temporarily stop and follow the directions of race officials. The race officials may instruct the runners to temporarily stop or change course whenever necessary.
Saturday, December 7th, 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. (3km check-in ends at 1:20 pm) at Naraden Field (Konoike Athletics Stadium)
Runner’s packet including Number Card will be provided.
Check-in is available only on the times mentioned above on Saturday, December 7th. No participants are allowed to run without checking in.
Starting lines
For the smooth and safe operation of the marathon, participants of the full marathon and 10 km race will start in blocks according to their estimated finish times reported in their applications. Those who do not fill out an estimated finish time will be placed in the last block.
▼Marathon and 10 km
1. Fastest 8 runners
2. Fastest 3 runners from each age category: 29 years old or younger, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and 70 years old or older)
- A Finisher’s Certificate (with finishing time written) will be given to those who have completed the Marathon or 10km race.
- A Finisher’s medal and towel will be given to those who have completed the Marathon race.
▼3km Jog
- No times will be recorded or awarded for 3km Jog. A Finisher’s Certificate (no time mentioned) will be given for 3km joggers.
Note: Special awards have been prepared. The details are to be announced on the official website.
Closing Point and Closing times
Closing Point Distance location Interval Closing time
Closing Point 1 5.4km In front of Suzakumon Gate 10:00
Closing Point 2 10.6km Nara Kotsu Takabatake Coach Yard 5.2km 10:44
Closing Point 3 15.7km East of Kubonoshocho-minami intersection 5.1km 11:25
Closing Point 4 20.0km Intersection at north end of Shirakawa Ohashi Bridge 4.3km 11:56
Closing Point 5 25.8km North end of Warakubashi Bridge 5.8km 12:44
Closing Point 6 30.5km Shirakawa central promenade south gate 4.7km 13:22
Closing Point 7 34.4km East of Yamamura-cho bus stop 3.9km 13:54
Closing Point 8 38.0km Nara Kotsu Takabatake Coach Yard 3.6km 14:25
Closing Point 9 39.6km Noborioji Kanko Parking Area 1.6km 14:37
FINISH 42.195km Naraden Field(Konoike Athletics Stadium) 2.595km 15:00
10km Race
Closing Point
7.5km In front of Todaijigakuen Kindergarten 10:35
FINISH 10.0km Naraden Field(Konoike Athletics Stadium) 2.5km 11:00

- Time limits are based on gun time. Gross time is measured as the time taken for the runner to cross the finish line after the gun goes off. Depending on the starting block, it may take upwards of 10 minutes to cross the starting line after the gun goes off.
- Adjustments in race and checkpoint closure times due to interruptions in the race - such as the passage of emergency vehicles - will not be made.
- Runners will be disqualified if they fail to pass through the checkpoints before the cut-off time or if they do not finish the race within the time limit. Furthermore, those who lag excessively behind the cut-off time pace, clearly cannot make it to the next checkpoint or finish line in time, affect the schedule for traffic restrictions, or who are clearly unable to finish the race may be asked to leave the race by physicians or race officials. Please follow all instructions given if asked to leave. When leaving the race, please remove your timing chip and move to the next closing point (or the finish site) by the official race bus or on foot.

How to Apply and Application Period
(Application period) Wednesday June 26th 2019, 8:00 p.m. (Japan Standard Time) to Monday July 1st, 2019 Note: Applications are accepted in order of arrival. The application period will end when the applicant limit is reached.
(How to Apply)
Go to the Nara Marathon entry website “JTB Sports Station” at https://jtbsports.jp/ and fill out the form.
Note: Before applying for the race, please read and agree to the following terms of application.

Inquiries about entry

JTB Sports Station
9F Cross bldg.,3-1-8, Minamikyuhoji-machi,
Chuo-ku,Osaka, Japan 541-0058
Office Hours: 9:30 - 17:30
Office Closed: Every Weekends, National Holidays and Dec. 28th to Jan. 3th)Japan Standard Time (GMT+9)

Inquiry about the Nara Marathon

Nara Marathon Organizing Committee Office
757 Horen-cho, Nara City, Nara Prefecture 630-8113, Japan
TEL: +81-742-81-8752 (9:00 a.m-5:00 p.m. Closed on Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays)
FAX: +81-742-81-8756

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